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SignalStack can capture the incoming alerts from TrendSpider and convert them into executed orders in the connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account automatically. In this documentation, we will explore steps to bridge TrendSpider alerts and SignalStack for automated order execution:

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Fetching Webhook Address

Step 1: Sign in to your SignalStack account and click on the Brokers & Webhooks from the left.


Step 2: From the list of connected brokers, copy the webhook address of the broker or exchange for which you want to automate the order execution.

Note: To connect TrendSpider alerts with SignalStack, a webhook address needs to be created with respect to the broker or exchange for which you want to automate the order execution.

For more information, please refer to this documentation- How to Create Webhooks.


Configuring TrendSpider Alert

Configure TrendSpider alert with the copied webhook address so that the signals it generates when the defined conditions are triggered, can be captured by SignalStack.

Step 1: Sign in to your TrendSpider account. Configure notification settings for your alerts by choosing Webhooks as the notification method. Paste the copied webhook address into the Webhook for Alerts URL and save.

Note: For more information on alert notification settings in TrendSpider, please refer to this documentation- Alert Notification Settings.


Step 2: After configuring alert notifications, define the webhook payload in the Your Note field while creating the alert (whether dynamic alert or multi-factor alert). The description entered in the notes is displayed in the notification and reminds SignalStack of the action to be performed.

Creating a Dynamic alert in TrendSpider


Creating a Multi-Factor Alert in TrendSpider


When TrendSpider generates the alerts upon the fulfillment of the specified events and conditions, the real-time notifications are triggered and sent to SignalStack via the Webhook connection configured.

SignalStack will automatically convert the signals into executed orders in your connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account.

Order Execution History

You can check the history of the orders executed by SignalStack from the logs in the dashboard.


Mar 27, 2023

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