TradingView Alerts

SignalStack can capture the incoming alerts from TradingView and convert them into executed orders in the connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account automatically.

In this documentation, we will explore steps to bridge TradingView alerts with SignalStack for automated order execution:

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Setup Webhook Notification

Step 1: Sign in to your TradingView account and open the TradingView chart you want to set up the webhook alert for.


Step 2. Click on the "Alerts" icon at the top of the chart, navigate to the “Notifications”, and select Webhook URL from the dropdown as the notification method.


Step 3: Copy the webhook address generated in SignalStack, with respect to the connected broker or exchange, and paste it into the "Webhook URL" as shown below.


Create TradingView Alert

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings tab and start creating the alert by specifying the values in the following fields:

Fields Comments
Condition Specific set of criteria or rules that, when met, trigger the alert.
Trigger Set frequency is whether an alert will be triggered only once or multiple times.
Expiration An alert will be automatically turned off when the Timer expiration setting is reached.
Alert Name Enter the alert name to display when the alert will be triggered
Message A message formatted in JSON containing information on the event to trigger when the defined conditions are met. For example:

{ "
symbol": "AAPL",
"action": "buy",
"quantity": 123


For more information, please refer to this TradingView documentation - TradingView alerts

When TradingView generates the alerts upon the fulfillment of the specified conditions, the real-time notifications are triggered and sent to SignalStack via the Webhook connection configured.

SignalStack will automatically convert the signals into executed orders in your connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account.

Sep 27, 2023

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