SignalStack Overview

SignalStack works as an order router solution that captures the incoming alerts from the Signal Source like TrendSpider or TradingView and converts them into an executed order right into the connected brokerage or exchanges like TD Ameritrade or Coinbase Pro.

Major stock brokerages and cryptocurrency exchanges including Alpaca, ByBit, Coinbase Pro, Oanda, Tradier, Tradestation, and many more can be connected with SignalStack without the need to code.

SignalStack working

In this documentation, we will provide you with an overview of 5 Simple Steps to enable automated trading with SignalStack.

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Step 1: Signing up in SignalStack

The first step involves completing the sign-up process on SignalStack. In five simple steps, you can onboard yourself to SignalStack.

For more information, please refer to the documentation on Signing up.
Sign up to SignalStack

Step 2: Selecting Signal Source

While signing up on SignalStack, you will be required to select a Signal Source like TradingView, TrendSpider, or Zapier from where you want to receive the incoming alerts.

For more information on Signal Sources, please refer to the documentation on Selecting Signal Source.

Step 3: Connect Brokers or Exchanges

After selecting the Signal Source, you will be required to connect the exchange or brokerage where you want the incoming alerts from the Signal Source to be automatically converted into executed orders.

Connect Broker or Exchange

After connecting the cryptocurrency exchange or broker of your choice, all the different types of accounts (whether live or paper accounts) created under the selected broker or exchange shall be fetched automatically.

You will be required to select the account at your connected broker or exchange where you want your trades placed.

Select Exchange

For more information on connecting brokers or exchanges, please refer to the section on Brokers and Exchanges.

Step 4: Configure Stack

After connecting the broker or exchange, you will be required to configure the stack. This means that you will need to configure your settings for sending orders to your account at the connected brokerage or exchange.

If you send Buy and Sell automated orders, this requires a Buy and Sell alert in your Signal Source. Once your order is configured, click on the "Test" button to confirm if the order is formatted correctly.

Configure Stack

Upon clicking the "Test" button, the response will be displayed.

If the response is successful, the payload will appear on a light green color background.

Green indicator

If there's an error, the response will appear on a red color background.

Red Indicator

Step 5: Activate Stack

The final step to automating your Signals is to set up your alerts in the selected Signal Source to point to your Stack. The steps for setting up the alerts will vary based on the Signal Source platform you have selected in the Second Step.

For more information on setting up the alerts in different Signal Source platforms, please refer to the documentation provided below:


After you've successfully connected your preferred exchange or broker to SignalStack and have configured and activated the stack, you will be all set to have a system in place that will capture the alerts from the selected Signal Source and automatically convert them into execute orders directly into your connected exchange or broker.

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