IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a connectivity platform that can connect the apps to SignalStack via webhooks without the involvement of coding skills to automate order execution.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

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Setup Data Target

Create an Applet (workflow) that can be triggered with the alerts or data sent from a source application.

Once you set up the source application from where the signal or notification (trigger alert) will be sent, follow the below steps to configure the target app or service in the workflow by following the below steps:

Step 1: Select an application as Data Target in the workflow by clicking on the Add button under Then That.


Step 2: Search for Webhooks from services and select the same.


Step 3: Select Make a web request action to send notifications. This will allow SignalStack to convert the alerts into executed orders in the connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account automatically, once the Applet will be triggered.


Step 4: Enter the required action fields to make a web request as follows:

Fields Description
URL Paste the copied webhook address from SignalStack
Method POST
Content Type application/json
Body Payload body

Click on the Create action button once done.


Configure More Action

After setting up an action in the workflow for sending notifications to SignalStack, you can configure more actions on the same trigger such as posting on Twitter, Slack, MS Teams, sending emails, and more.

All the actions you set up in a workflow will be executed simultaneously as soon as the specified applet gets triggered in IFTTT.

You can configure any action as per your requirement by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click + to add one more action to the same trigger.


Step 2: Search and select the option you want across thousands of app options. For example, here Email has been selected to send an email as soon as IFTTT receives an incoming signal from the source application.


Step 3: Choose any action, you would like IFTTT to perform.

For example, here Send me an email is selected.


Step 4: Enter the required action fields as follows:

Fields Description
Subject Email Subject
Body Body of the email(message)

Click on the Create action button once done.


Note*: You can add more actions by repeating steps 1-4.*

Step 5:  Click on the Continue button to complete setting up the Applet.


Step 6: Enter the Applet title, toggle on receiving notification when Applet runs, and click on the Finish button to save the Applet.

Whenever the source app will send the data to the Webhook resource in IFTTT, the Applet will be triggered and the real-time notifications shall be sent to SignalStack via the Webhook connection configured and an email will be sent to your email address.

SignalStack will automatically convert the signals into executed orders in your connected brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account.

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