How to Check & Read Log

The log keeps the track of all the events you have performed on SignalStack and presents them in the form of a list for you to conveniently check. This includes signing in to the dashboard, connecting to a broker or an exchange, creating a webhook for brokerage, connecting a stock broker account, removing a webhook, calling a webhook, and more.

In this documentation, we will understand how you can check and read the log.

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Checking the Log

The logs are produced automatically by SignalStack. Simply sign in to your account and you will find the log populated within the Dashboard section.

For every action in the log, you will find its source (IP address) along with the timestamp of the event in the adjacent columns.

View Logs

Reading the Log

Some entries in the log are single-line whereas some entries are detailed.

  • Example of a Single-Line Entry: Signing in to the dashboard
  • Example of a Detailed Entry: Calling a webhook. You can click on this entry to read the underlying details like “request made” and the “response received

Reading the Log

Here is a comprehensive list of all the events that are logged by SignalStack:

  • Signing in to the platform
  • Signing out of the platform
  • Connecting the broker/exchange
  • Disconnecting the broker/exchange
  • Creating a Webhook
  • Deleting a Webhook
  • Receiving a signal and corresponding output
  • Errors and error messages
  • Response from the broker (callbacks) that might include filled or unfilled information

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