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By integrating BitMEX with SignalStack, the incoming alerts from Signal Sources like TrendSpider can be automatically converted into executed order in your BitMEX trading account without the need to code any instruction.

This guide will show you how to connect BitMEX with SignalStack to enable automated trading.

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Connecting BitMEX

After creating a SignalStack account or signing in to your existing account, you must select the Signal Source from where you want to capture the alerts to be converted into executed orders in your "BitMEX" trading account.

Once you have selected the Signal Source, select “BitMEX” from the list of brokers and exchanges to connect to SignalStack. After that, you must generate your API credentials from your BitMEX account and paste the keys into the designated field to establish the connection.

BitMEX 1.png

Generating API Keys

Step 1: Sign into your BitMEX account, click on the “Profile Icon” from the top, and select “API Keys” from the dropdown list.

BitMEX 2.png

Step 2: Now you need to configure API permissions for automated trading.

API Permissions Action
Order Select
Order cancel Unselect
Withdraw Leave this blank
  • Order - Traders need to choose Order permission which will allow them to place and cancel orders.
  • Order Cancel - Order Cancel only allows traders to cancel orders, not place them.
  • Withdraw - It is set to allow the creation and confirmation of withdrawals.

NOTE - Do not Check the box “WITHDRAW”.

BitMEX 3.png

Step 3: Enter the Two-Factor Token and click on the “Create API Key” button. This will generate your API key and Secret key.

BitMEX 4.png

Step 4: Once you have successfully generated and pasted the API keys in SignalStack, hit the Continue button.

BitMEX  5.png

Step 5: Your BitMEX trading accounts will be connected with SignalStack.

BitMEX  6.png

Oct 25, 2023

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