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By Integrating Alpaca with SignalStack, the incoming alerts from Signal Source like TrendSpider can be automatically converted into actionable trades right into your Alpaca trading account.

This guide will show you the step-by-step process to connect Alpaca with SignalStack to enable automated trading.

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Connecting Alpaca

After creating a SignalStack account or signing in to your existing account, you will need to select the Signal Sources from where you want to capture the alerts to be converted into executed orders in your "Alpaca" trading account.

Once you have selected the Signal Source, select Alpaca from the list of brokers and exchanges to connect to SignalStack. After that, you will need to authorize Alpaca to establish the connection with SignalStack.

Step 1:  Click on the Continue button to proceed further.

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Step 2:  You will be automatically redirected to the Alpaca website. Enter your Alpaca credentials and click on the Continue button.

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Step 3: A popup window will appear asking you to authorize SignalStack to access your Alpaca account. Click on the Allow button to authorize.

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Step 4: After successful authorization, your Alpaca account will be connected to the SignalStack and listed under the Brokers & Webhooks section.

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When connecting Alpaca with SignalStack, there's no need for traders to manually configure special permissions for automated trading. By default, SignalStack simply requires access to your entire portfolio to execute trades on your behalf automatically.

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